Online Registration

GriswoldConnect’s 24/7 physician access is provided to you by Teladoc. You should register with Teladoc and enter your Medical History before you use the service, to ensure all will go smoothly when you need a consult. This is the online equivalent of filling out the clipboard of information if you were to physically go to an office, urgent care or emergency room for care, and verifies you are in the system.

Immediate registration is not a requirement. It is strongly encouraged to help your first consult go smoothly, since no one likes answering basic health information when they or their dependents are sick. If you have not received a Membership Kit (which includes two Teladoc cards and two key fobs) it should arrive shortly, as they have been sent directly to the your home address. Feel free to contact your GriswoldConnect representative at (844) 900-4363 if a Membership Kit has not been received by the end of the month or for assistance with registration. Receipt of the kit is not required to register.

Registration Checklist

Have this information on hand when registering

Medications, PCP info, Health Conditions, Height/Weight, Allergies, Family History


  1. Go to and select "Set up account", or click here
  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth, along with an email and primary phonenumber. Please note: due to HIPAA Privacy Law, name and date of birth must be exactly what Teladoc has on file from registration.For instance: if you are Tim and your information is not located,you may want to try Timothy, if that is your proper name.
    • Select "No, I do not know my username"
    • Select "My employer or insurance provider offers me access to Teladoc"
    • Type "GriswoldConnect" into "Who is your employer or insurance provider" and continue
  3. On the next screen, enter your contact information and create a unique user name and password, along with selecting a security question.
  4. You're in! You will need to take a few minutes to fill out your Medical History. Remember, this information needs to be entered prior to seeking treatment.
  5. To add dependents that are covered under your medical plan, select the My Family tab and enter the appropriate information. Anyone over the age of 18 will need to register under their own account after you have added them. Due to HIPAA privacy laws, Teladoc will not release information or passwords for patients over the age of 18 without prior consent. If they are unable to create their own account right away, please allow a business day for the information to process and try again, or call (800) Teladoc if a consult is needed.
  6. To request a consult for treatment after you have registered, please do so online from the portal orby calling (800) Teladoc.